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That's a very cool find. From my distinctly unpracticed I it looks like a near dead on copy.... Is it actually drawn?

I had an old print of the West Pier in Brighton, but somehow it got lost in the move to Chile. I hope I can find it at some point. I would love to frame it and hang it in the house.


It is dead on the same (right down to placement of birds) - my father thinks it may have been the sketch used to then create the watercolour, but I have not yet taken it out of its frame to check for sure if it is actually drawn.

I almost don't want to know! (Worry that it is probably just a print)

Shame you lost your print of the west pier - do you want me to source you another? :)


No worries. I'm sure it will turn up some point soon. I have yet to go through some of the boxes that were shipped from England, so I have my hopes that it is on of them.

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