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You'll be a hobbit! Will you be a Brandybuck or a Hornblower? Though I must admit I like the idea of low impact housing. I keep thinking about how to live off-grid in Patagonia somewhere (much to Veronica's dismay!). Perhaps I'll content myself with slapping a few solar panels on our roof.


Ok, I admit in my case I may want to have a hobbit-home with electricity and wireless...


Well. Yes I want that too..

Internet would be provided by Satellite. Electricity would be provided by a killer combination of windmills, solar panels, and water power. Even have the place picked out: http://www.patagoniarealestate.com/reducido/lapaloma/lagolapaloma.html

Veronica says it looks lovely in the summertime, but probably hell in the winter. No sense of adventure, that girl.

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